About Our School

Canterbury Gifted / High Ability Magnet, located in the northeast San Fernando Valley, was established in 1978, and shares a nine acre campus with approximately 600 resident students. Our magnet school of approximately 250 students in grades 1-5 has a history of providing enrichment in art, music, dance and theatre integrated across the curriculum that supports and strengthens our rigorous academic program. Instruction is delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers trained to meet the academic and social needs of our gifted and high achieving students.

Our Gifted / High Achieving Magnet school not only serves students who have been formally identified as gifted, but also serves students who are high achieving and demonstrate ability to work above grade level in academic subjects. We offer enriched interdisciplinary academic environments that are exciting, challenging, and encourage students to use creative/critical thinking skills.”

Magnet Program

  • Canterbury’s Magnet Recognizes that gifted, talented and high ability students have exceptional academic and social-emotional needs. These needs are considered when planning our comprehensive Magnet programs.
  • All aspects of our program are aimed at motivating students to achieve their maximum potential, encouraging them to become self-reliant, independent and creative thinkers, problem-solvers and life-long learners.
  • We offer a differentiated curriculum balanced with enrichment, standards-based instruction and hands-on experiences while nurturing personal interests.
  • Our differentiated curriculum includes enrichment programs that support the needs of our gifted, talented and high ability students.