Gifted Information

Our Gifted / High Achieving Magnet school serves students who demonstrate ability to work two years above grade level in academic subjects. We offer enriched interdisciplinary academic environments that are exciting, challenging, and encourage students to use creative/critical thinking skills.

Magnet Program

  • Canterbury’s Magnet Recognizes that gifted, talented and high ability students have exceptional academic and socio-emotional needs. These needs are considered when planning our comprehensive Magnet programs.
  • All aspects of our program are aimed at motivating students to achieve their maximum potential, encouraging them to become self-reliant, independent and creative thinkers, problem-solvers and life-long learners.
  • We offer a differentiated curriculum balanced with enrichment, standards-based instruction and hands-on experiences while nurturing personal interests.
  • Our differentiated curriculum includes enrichment programs that support the needs of our gifted, talented and high ability students.

Categories of Formal Gifted Identification

  • Intellectual Ability (K-12) – students whose general intellectual development is markedly advanced in relation to their chronological peers
  • High Achievement (4-12: 2 [OLSAT – 8]) – Students who function at highly advanced levels in both English-language Arts/Reading and Mathematics (evidence requires two consecutive years), Students who demonstrate high achievement on a nationally standardized, norm-referenced, group administered measure of verbal and non-verbal school abilities (2nd grade OLSAT-8 only)
  • Specific Academic Ability (4-12) – Students who function at highly advanced levels in either English-Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science or Social Science (evidence requires three consecutive years).
  • Creative Ability (4-12) – Students who characteristically perceive significant similarities or differences within the environment, challenge assumptions, produce unique alternative solutions.
  • Leadership Ability (4-12) – Students who show confidence and knowledge; influence other effectively; have problem-solving and decision making skills; express ideas in oral or written form clearly; show sense of purpose and direction
  • Visual and Performing Arts (2-12) – Students who originate, perform, produce, or respond at exceptionally high levels in either dance, drama, voice, drawing or painting.